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African Politics Conference Group

The African Politics Conference Group (APCG) brings together scholars from around the world whose research and professional interests center largely or in part on the study of politics in Africa. APCG promotes recognition of the theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions of its members within professional associations, media, and the general public. Recognizing historical imbalances, APCG also promotes the intellectual contributions of scholars in Africa and the diaspora and works to expand opportunities for their professional engagement and development.
Executive Board

APCG’s Current Leadership

Lise Rakner
Azeez Olaniyan
Ken Opalo
Erin Hern
Travis Curtice
Communications Chair
APCG Executive Leaders serve two year terms. In Fall 2022, we will elect a new Chair and Treasurer.
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Positions and Previous Leaders

Zachariah Mampilly
Leo Arriola
Anne Pitcher
Beth Elise Whitaker
Peter VonDoepp
Gretchen M. Bauer
John Harberson
Mamoudou Gazibo
George M. Bob-Milliar
Jessica Piombo
Lauren M. Maclean
Leonardo Arriola
Staffan I. Lindberg
John Clark
Nelson Kasfir
Laura Seay
Chipo Dendere
Adrienne LeBas
Gina Lambright
Carl LeVan
Richard Marcus
Carrie Manning
Catherine Boone
Natalie Wenzell 
Jeffrey Paller
Claire Adida
Jennifer Brass
Danielle Resnick
Bruce Magnusson
Sandra Joireman
Anne Pitcher
Cara Jones
Newsletter (now Communications Chair)
Keith Weghorst
Cara Jones
Steve Marr
Michael Nelson
Mamoudou Gazibo
Staffan I. Lindberg

APCG Executive Leaders serve two year terms. In Fall 2022, we will elect a new Chair and Treasurer. Please consider nominating someone or self-nominating.

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Our organizational principles


Please find our by-laws here

Our Committees

In addition to APCG’s leadership Steering committee, we have several committees and leadership roles that contribute to APCG’s mission. 

These include:

• Award committees
• Conference committees
• Online Colloquium Committees
• The Research Development Group
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