Online Colloquium

Upcoming and Past APCG Online Colloquiums

Upcoming Online Colloquiums

Maureen  Fubara  (PhD  Student, University of Amsterdam)  
"Election  Violence in Nigeria; Actors, Targets and Scale"  

Salma  Emmanuel  (Assistant  Lecturer, University of Dar es Salaam)  
"The Effect of  Court Rulings on Social Attitudes and Norms: Evidence from a Survey  Experiment in Tanzania"    

Jori  Breslawski  (Assistant  Professor, University of Tel Aviv)  
"Aid Recipient  Preferences & Humanitarian Access in Violent Contexts"    

Claire  Elder  (Postdoc, London  School of Economics, Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa)  
"The Political  Authority of Business in Post-War Africa: Evidence from Somalia"    

Tracey  Chipo Muradzikwa  (PhD Student,  University of the Witwatersrand)  
"The role and  status of masculinities in the governance of female chiefs"

Nana  Firmin  (Chercheur-Attaché  de Recherche, Institut des Sciences des Sociétés/CNRST-Burkina Faso)  
"Les déterminants  sociaux du vote en Afrique : Une contribution à la sociologie  électorale"

Past Online Colloquiums

Réginas Ndayiragije
(University of Antwerp)
"Presidents, ministers and governors: The evolution of ethnic power-sharing in Burundi at critical junctures"
Discussants: Timothy  Longman and  Alex  Kroeger

    Alex  Dyzenhaus (PhD  Candidate, Cornell University)
"Sweetening  the Deal: Markets and Land Redistribution in South Africa's Sugar and Grain  Sectors"
Discussants:  Dan  de Kadt and Danielle  Resnick

     Maxine  Rubin (University  of Cape Town)  
"Analysing  African Agency: African States' Relations with the International Criminal Court"  
Discussants: Oumar  Ba and Phil  Clark

    Patrick  Pierson  (PhD  Student, Emory University)

     Joan  Ricart-Huguet  (Assist.  Prof., Loyola University)  
"Endogenous  Colonial Borders: Precolonial States and Geography in the Partition of Africa"
Discussants:  Clara  Neupert-Wentz and  John  McCauley

     Michael  Yekple (PhD  Student, University of Central Florida)  
"Revisiting  Democratic Peace Theory: Support for War, Economic Sanctions, and Democracy  promotion among Africans"
Discussants:  Emmanuel  Balogun and  Femke  Bakker

     Victor  Agboga (PhD  Student, University of Warwick)  
"In  Sickness and in Health: Presidential Illness and Intra-party Factions in  Africa"
 Discussants: Anne  Meng and  Josef  Woldense

     Eugenia  Anderson  (PhD  Student, Kwame Nkrumah University)
"Student Activism and Social Change in Ghana, 1960-2008"
Discussants: Emmanuel  Asiedu-Acquah and  Kristin  Michelitch (Vanderbilt)

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