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Statement from the Chair

Dear APCG Members,

It is with immense pleasure and relief that we now see the end of the long road toward launching a new website for APCG. Having a functioning website means that we can communicate with all of you on a regular basis and present all relevant information at appropriate times. It also means that you can all find the relevant information on calls for awards, information from our members, Online Colloquiums, application for Research Development Groups etc. online. We will devote a lot of energy to making the website functional and easy to access in the coming year. Through the website, we aim to continue our efforts to make APCG a relevant and significant community for Africa based scholars.  

In my first year as Chair of the APCG, I had the great pleasure of working with Natalie Letsa, George Bob-Milliar, Keith Weghost as well as Ken Opalo. Natalie, George and Keith did an excellent job and I want to thank all three for their great services to the APCG community. For 2022 the APCG Board will continue with me as chair and Ken Opalo as treasurer. We are lucky to be joined by Erin Hern as Secretary, Azeez Olaniyan as vice-Chair and Travis Curtice as chair of communication – and I really look forward to working with this excellent group of scholars. In addition to developing the website and filling it with relevant information, we will apply for new grants to keep our activities linked to the Online Colloquiums and Research Development Groups running and hopefully expand activities for young scholars both on the African continent, the US and in Europe.  

Most of all we hope that we in 2022 again will be able to meet physically both at APSA and ASA.

Statement from the Communications Chair

We are thrilled to have our new website live. We are also developing our online community on Twitter @TheAPCG. My goal as Communications Chair is to use these spaces to grow our academic community and highlight new research.

We are working on updating the Newsletter and Symposium.

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